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Create your first funnel

How to create funnel

When you open the app and click Create funnel, ReSell will offer you two ways to create funnels:

Quick start - this option provides a template of upsell funnel that will work automatically.
Start from scratch - this option gives you an opportunity to create a funnel manually.

✔️ Quick Start - Auto Recommendations

This option provides automatic recommendations that will be displayed to customers after the purchase.

In the modal window you can make minimal settings - set the discount amount and time limit for post-purchase and Thank you page offers. Click on Create and publish and the offer will work automatically.

Shopify has it’s own built-in functionality for determining recommendations and ReSell uses this functionality for Auto offer.

Shopify uses internal algorithms for the recommendations generation and show at their discretion the most relevant recommendations of products.

For example: if the customer has bought a bike, most likely the app will offer him a helmet in the post-purchase offer.

Shopify recommendations are based on various selection criteria. You can read more about the principle of work of Shopify recommendations in our article - How does the auto recommendation work?

Important! We are not responsible for recommended products. Since the selection of recommended products is based on Shopify's internal algorithms and Shopify Search & Discovery app settings, we cannot control which products will be recommended to customers.

If you need manual control over recommendations, you can set it up with the second option that was suggested - Start from scratch.

✔️ Start from Scratch - Manual Control

This option assumes that you manually create and set up a post-purchase offer. Only you determine which product will be the trigger and which products will be shown to customers. This allows you to create different combinations of products and build personalized offers for your customers.

For example: you want to make discounts for the summer collection. You can create the following funnel: if a customer has 2 products and one of them is the certain dress, you offer them to buy one more dress and accessories.

Let’s create a funnel for this post-purchase offer. Click on Create manually and follow these steps:

Step 1 - Select trigger type

On this step you select trigger that will launch the funnel. You can choose product, collection, or any product. In our case we click on Product and then Choose product. In the appeared list you find the dress that you need and click Add.

Select product

Add trigger product to the funnel

If you click on Collection, you will select collection. In this case, the customer will be shown an additional offer if the customer's offer contains a product from the selected collection. If you select Any product, an additional offer will always be shown to the customer, regardless of the item ordered.

Step 2 - Choose conditions

On this step you can select the appropriate condition. In our case, we want customer to buy 2 products where one of them is the certain dress. On the first step we've selected the dress and now we need to set condition - number of items in the order.

Click on Add condition. In the list click on Order and select Number of line items.

Add condition of the offer

Select condition

Now you need to enter the required number of line items. We enter - 2. And click Next step on the bottom right corner.

Set the number of line items

Note: The second step is optional. You can skip it by clicking Next step.

Step 3 - Offer

Now you need manually select products or collections that will be shown to customers as a post-purchase offer. On this step you can also select the Auto offer function. In this case, your customer will see automatically selected product.

To add certain products to the upsell offer click on Add offer, select Product, choose the appropriate dress and click Add.

Select product for the first upsell offer

To create a downsell offer click on Add offer and select the product or collection that will be shown to customers if the first upsell offer is declined.

Create down-sell offer

The second upsell offer is the offer that will be shown if the first upsell offer was accepted.

Create second upsell offer

These offers will be shown customers after the purchase. If the customer decide to buy them, he shouldn't re-enter payment information, all accepted products will be charged with his main order.

On the Thank you page you can offer custmers to buy a new product or offer them a coupon and encourage customers to make new orders in the future. Just select the nesessary option and your post-purchase offer is ready!

Offer customers a new product or a coupon on Thank you page

Click on Publish.

If you suddenly decide that you need to change the type of product in the offer, you can click on the three dots to the right of the selected product and change it.

Change offer type

You can also edit your post-purchase offer. Namely, change title and description, set product image, add elements, etc.

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Updated on: 23/02/2023

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