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✔️ Steps to uninstall Quick Banner

To uninstall the Quick Bannerr app from your Shopify store you should go to the Apps tab in your store admin panel.
Find the app in the Installed apps list.
Click "Delete" next to the app.
You will see a warning pop-up window. Here you can select a feedback reason for deleting the app.
After this, confirm the deleting process by clicking "Delete".

After deleting the Quick Banner app from your store you will no longer have access to all app's features.
✔️ Our Support

Whatever your reason to uninstall Quick Banner, you can easily connect with our support team to find a solution to your problem and get a fast help in minutes. Just click the green button at the bottom left to contact our Support team and our specialist will connect with you in a few minutes. You can write down your question to start a chat with the support manager or you can search the answer on our Helpdesk.

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