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The Selector—Geo Market Switchers support team always strives to provide the best experience for users and is ready to help you with any question 24/7.

To contact our support team, on the top panel go to the Support tab.

There are three possible sections for your choice to connect with us:

Real-time connect

Available ways to connect with our support team and get immediate help in a few minutes:

Live chat - our support specialist will chat with you and provide the most efficient solutions to any problem.
Book a meeting - you can talk with the support team at any time that is suitable for you. Click on the “Book” button and choose a convenient date.
Web call - connect with us in real-time via web call to communicate in person and quickly find a solution.
Phone call - or, you can simply call us by phone and tell our support manager what is your problem.

Near real-time connect

If your question doesn’t need an immediate solution or you just need a more detailed explanation of the app’s functionality, you are welcome to use the next ways:

Send email - a simple and efficient way to contact our team is to describe your problem in detail via email, and our specialist will give you a fast response. Our support email is support@devit.software
Create a ticket - you can request personal help by creating a ticket. We will receive it from our ticket system and solve your problem.
Help Center - here you can find more detailed information and step-by-step guides.

Leave a request

Let's suppose, you have an (some) idea(s) about the app's features and you want to offer it (them). So, you can easily do this!

Just click on the Leave a request button and describe in detail what feature you would like to see in the app.
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