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What banners are available in your app?

Available banners

There are multiple types of banners available in Quick Banner:

Action bar - allows customers to make any action, i.e. follow the link or click on button and start shopping.
Announcement bar - an informational banner.
Multi announcement bar - an informational banner that allows displaying multiple messages.
Coupon bar - allows you to display discount coupons.
Countdown timer bar - a countdown bar for special propositions and boost sales.
Email signup bar - allows to display an email signup form.
Stop war banner - informs people all over the word about the situation in Ukraine.
Sales motivation bar - it allows customers to add the product to the cart immediately.
Free shipping bar - banner with a free shipping and updated cart goals.

Select and add banner that suits your marketing needs.

Bars and banners available in Quick Banner app

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Updated on: 03/07/2023

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