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What is this app about?

This is the application that allows you to add an informational banner to your Shopify store with a "Quick Banner" slogan and donation button and help Ukraine to resist in informational way.

On February 24, 2022 Ukraine was attacked by the neighbor country - Russia. This is an unprecedented case of violation of territorial boundaries and human rights. Nowadays, Ukraine suffers from aggression and cruelty. We couldn't stay away and keep silence. That's why we create the Quick Banner App.

The main aim - to inform as many people as possible about the situation in Ukraine and thus support the Ukrainian nation in informal and financial way. It's also symbol of our involvement and solidarity as a huge community.

What can you do?

Now, any Shopify merchant can install the app and add a banner with a "Quick Banner" slogan. In this way you will inform your customers and people around the world about the situation and express your support. We also added a donation button. If someone wants to help Ukraine financially, they can do this by clicking the button on the banner.

Important: The app is FREE. All donated money will go directly to the official state account of Ukraine.

How can this app help?

Information is one of the most valuable resources. The more people who know the true information about the situation, the faster it can be resolved. Together we are stronger! And if the international community will unite it will be easier for Ukraine to resist information aggression.

Let's unite and stand with Ukraine for truth, peace, and our common values like freedom, human rights, and democracy. Express your support with Quick Banner!

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