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Benefits of Quick Banner
How can Quick Banner help you?

Install Quick Banner — Announcement Bars to Boost Your Store!

✔️ Benefits of Quick Banner

Multiple types of banner - the app provides different types of banner that allow you to create marketing campaigns, announce sales, promote products, add count-down timers, provide coupons, etc. All these types of banner are available in one application and you don’t need to install different apps to add necessary banner.
Advanced customization features - you can customize any banner element. The app provides multiple color schemes, animation, text settings, scheduling, etc.
Detailed analytics - track the effectiveness of each banner and use this information to create marketing campaigns.
Scheduling feature - set the time when the banner will be shown to customers.
Audience targeting - create personalized banners. Show the banner to people based on their location, device, and the sites they came from to your site.

✔️ How can Quick Banner help you?

Banner it’s a marketing tool that allow store owners to create marketing campaigns and increase sales. Quick Banner provides multiple banner types for different marketing purposes.

Action bar - allows customers to make any action, i.e. follow the link or click on button and start shopping.
Announcement bar - an informational banner.
Multi announcement bar - an informational banner that allows displaying multiple messages.
Coupon bar - allows you to display discount coupons.
Countdown timer bar - a countdown bar for special propositions and boost sales.
Email signup bar - allows to display an email signup form.
Stop war banner - informs people all over the word about the situation in Ukraine.
Sales motivation bar - it allows customers to add the product to the cart immediately.
Free shipping bar - banner with a free shipping and updated cart goals.

List of available banners

Adding banner to your store helps you to increase the customers activity on your site. Inform customers about discounts, hot sales, top-rated products. Promote particular products and boost your sales.

You can also measure effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Quick Banner provides detailed analytics for each banner, so you can track the effectiveness of any of them.

All these features are available in one application - Quick Banner App. Try it now;)

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Updated on: 03/07/2023

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