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✔️ What is Telegram bot?

Telegram bot allows you to forward Telegram chats to the connected Discord channel and use it as your customer support bot.

Main features

Each chat from the Telegram bot appears in a new thread of selected channel.
Real-time seamless messaging between your team and customers with the same avatars.
Create a new bot or use an existing one.
Bot supports document, photo, video, voice, audio, stickers, emoji, avatars.

✔️ How does it work?

You create bot in Telegram messenger (or use existed Telegram bot) > get token > provide Telegram bot token with the /connect command.

Thus, you will forward messages from Telegram bot to the connected Discord channel in public threads.

All your replies in created threads will be forwarded back into a Telegram chat.

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Updated on: 20/09/2023

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