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What privacy and permission do I grant for Quick Banner during the installation?

Scopes overview

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What are scopes?
What this app can do in your store

✔️ What are scopes?

By confirming the Quick Banner installation, you agree to granting our application access to certain functionality. For example, store owner data, files, discounts, etc. In this guide, we describe why we request each scope.

✔️ What this app can do in your store

View store owner information

Requests access to the customer data such as contact information (name, email address, phone number), location (physical address). We need this info to communicate with store owners about important updates and breaking news.

View products

Requests access to the store’s data such as products and collections. This scope allows you to add products and collections to banners.

Add collection to banner

View and edit Shopify admin

The app requests this scope to get access to the media files of the store. It allows you to add images to banners.

View your Online Store

Requests access to the data such as pages on your Online Store and theme. We need access to pages in order to set up actions and transitions from the banner to various pages, blogs, store articles. Access to the theme allows us to receive information about our banners included in the topic

View and sync Discounts

The app requests this scope to get access to discount codes and promotions.

A list of all active privacy and permission details is available in the app by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner > Manage app. You will also see all the privacy and permission details during the process of installing the application and granting the application all the required privacy and permission scopes.

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Updated on: 03/05/2023

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