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Getting started in Discord Email

Quick start in Email bot

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How to set up Email Bot?
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✔️ How to set up Email Bot?

Invite the Discord Email Bot and follow these steps:

Open the channel where you want to integrate our bot and enter the /connect command in the message field > send this message.

You can see that the Bot has created a random email address. Now, if you send messages to this email, they will appear in this channel.

You can test it by using your personal email. For example, let's send greetings with Christmas holidays. Just send a message to the generated email through your email address and in a moment you will see your message in the channel.

Note that Email bot allows you to attach files and images to the message. They will be available in the channel.

In the same way you can add Email Bot to any channel on your server. The bot generates unique email for each channel (integration). Therefore, you can create as many integrations as you need.

✔️ Available commands

/connect - Connect an email address that you can use to subscribe to important notifications from any service.
/disconnect - Disconnect an email from a channel.
/help - Get help with the bot commands.

✔️ Limitations

Note that there are limitations for emails sent to this integration:

The combined headers and body of an email cannot be larger than 1MB.
When combined with attachments, an email cannot be larger than 30 MB.
There is a maximum of 20 attachments per email.

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Updated on: 08/08/2023

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