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Welcome to Email bot!

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✔️ What is Email Bot?

Email Bot is a tool that creates you a unique email address which you can use for subscription to important notifications from any service that you need. All messages sent to this email address will be shown in the previously connected Discord channel.

✔️ Main benefits

Subscription to important notifications - you integrate Bot and get notifications directly in your Discord channel.
Easy setup - you can set up the Bot in a few simple clicks.
Unlimited integrations - the Bot provides unique emails for every integration. Therefore, you can create as many integrations as you need.

✔️ Examples of integrations

Send various alerts to the #random channel. For example, server down, weather events, traffic closures, domain name renewals info, etc.
Send results from a contact page of your site to the #support or #hr channels.
Send different greetings to the #randon channel. For example, you can congratulate your colleagues with Christmas holidays.

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Updated on: 08/08/2023

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