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Getting started with Huddles

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With the help of Huddles you can start a call in Discord channel. So, invite the bot to your server and follow the instructions below.

There are two ways to start a call in Discord through Huddles:

Open the channel where you want to make a call and click on + on the left side of your text field > Use Apps > select Huddles > /start and press Enter button.

Open the channel where you want to make a call > type /start in the text field and click Enter.

The bot generates a call start notification and sends it to all channel members inviting them to join the call. Channel members can follow the call link or join the call in the Huddles category in the left-side menu.

After you end the call, the bot automatically deletes the voice channel, and the Huddles category becomes empty.

If the Discord bot sent a message with a link to join the call, but no one followed it, in 30 seconds all channel members will receive a reminder to join the call.

If no one joins the call within 5 minutes, the voice channel is automatically deleted.

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Updated on: 28/08/2023

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