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Welcome to Huddles

Welcome to Huddles!

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What is Huddles
How does it work?

✔️ What is Huddles

Huddles it’s a Discord bot that allows you to make a group audio conversation in channels.

Discord it’s a great service for communication. But there is one moment that makes work difficult - group calls. In Discord it requires a few steps to create a group call. That’s where Huddles will be super useful!

✔️ How does it work

You invite Huddles to your server and start a call in the channel that you need with the help of /start command. All members of the channel can join the call by following the generated link.

Start a call in one click

Multi-person meeting in Huddles

Video, multi-person screen sharing, a dedicated thread for notes, and emoji reactions are available for you.

After you end the call, the bot automatically deletes the voice channel.

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Updated on: 28/08/2023

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