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How does the recommendation banner work?

Recommendation Banner

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What is a recommendation banner?
Language detection
Country and currency detection

✔️ What is a recommendation banner?

The Selector app detects the language, currency, and country of visitors and recommends them to switch your store to the local language and currency on the first visit.

Recommendation banner it’s a banner that appears on the first visit and suggests visitors use a local language and currency.

In this way, customers select their preferred language and currency and it is easier for them to navigate your store and products.

✔️ Language detection

The Selector app detects languages by the preferred language in the browser.

Note that you can use one language for the browser and another language as preferred. For example, you are from Germany and use German as a browser language. At the same time, you have English as a preferred one.

You can check your preferred language in your browser.

For example, in Chrome, you should go to Setting => Languages

In the Opera browser click on Go to full browser settings in the upper right corner and scroll until you find a section with Preferred languages.

In the Firefox browser also click on Settings and scroll until you find the necessary section Language.

✔️ Country and currency detection

As it was mentioned above, the recommendation banner suggests customers to select their local currency.

Currency is detected by IP address.

Your ISP assigns you an IP address by which the Selector application determines your country of residence. Based on country data, the application determines the currency that will be preferred by visitors from that country.

So, firstly we detect country and then we detect currency. This information appears on the recommendation banner on the first visit.

Updated on: 30/11/2022

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