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Can I customize selectors?


Sure! The app provides multiple options for customization.

When you create a new selector, you will be moved to the page where you can select theme, type, and color scheme of your selector. In order to provide you the best services, we are constantly working on creating new types of themes and color schemes.

✔️ Available themes

Basic - provides a standard view of buttons and a simple and intuitive interface.
Material - a fully-responsive theme with a stricter design and colors.
Cute - provides a responsive design with smooth lines and nice color schemes.
Minimal - a theme with a simple and clean design that keeps the focus on your products.

✔️ Selector Types

The selector type determines how the list of languages will unfold on your customer's screen. The Selector app provides the following types:

Free plan: Dropdown, Wheel, Inline , Modal
Pro and Premium plans: Layered, Sidebar, Cascade

✔️ Color Schemes

The app provides a wide range of color schemes. You can choose a color scheme for each theme separately. Also, you have the opportunity to immediately apply a specific color scheme and see how it will be displayed on various themes.

Note that you can manually customize colors and fonts for each selector and/or use a custom CSS code.

In our Getting Started article you will find more info about steps to create and customize selectors.

Updated on: 03/07/2023

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