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How to connect multiple stores?

Store connection

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✔️ Multiple Shopify stores

Shopify provides many opportunities for business expansion and trade worldwide. Namely, merchants can create multiple stores with similar or different products for each region.

In 2021, Shopify launched Shopify Markets, a management tool that helps to add and manage international markets. However, there are reasons to still create multiple separate stores.

Reasons to have multiple Shopify stores:

Different companies in different countries

For example, you live and build your business in America but you want to sell a different range of products in France and Spain. You can create a separate online stores for this markets, build a team there or even hand over the management of your store to a local distributing company.

Shopify payments is not available in your country

Shopify allows merchants to activate payments in the local currency in case when Shopify Payments is available in the brand’s country. Otherwise, this option is unavailable. Naturally, that merchants who want to expand their business establish a legal entity in the countries where Shopify payments is available.

Numerous orders in countries with different currencies

A merchant can set a separate currency for each store, but the payment will be made in the main currency of the store. For example, if the main currency of your store is the US dollar, then all transactions will be carried out in dollars, even if you sell in Spain, where customers pay for products in euros. As a result, when making payments, you pay a fee for currency conversion. To avoid this, merchants create several separate stores, each with its own currency.

Managing multiple stores requires more attention for operational and financial issues. However, there are ways to simplify this process by using a store connection feature in the Selector app.

✔️ Way to manage multiple stores

When you have a lot of stores, you need to manage each of them. Moreover, there is a possibility that customers can get to your store that sells in another region. And that’s where Selector app can help you!

To redirect your customers to the correct store, you can use a stores connection feature.

For example, your primary store sells on the US market. Along with this you have stores in Spain and France. So, if your customer from France get to your store in USA, he will be redirected to the French store automatically.

So, Selector allows you to connect your multiple stores and redirect customers to the correct resources within several shops based on their location and preferences.

✔️ How to connect Shopify stores

Open the store that you want to connect to the Primary store.
Select Stores from the left menu and click Join connections -> copy provided token.
Go to the Primary store -> Stores and click Connect store.

Paste the token of the store that you want to connect to the current store -> click Connect.
If you need to connect more stores, just follow the steps above for every store.
Click Sync stores.

Enable auto-redirect or recommendation banner if necessary.

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Updated on: 13/02/2024

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