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How to check geolocation function?

Geolocation function

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What is geolocation function?
How to check geolocation function?

✔️ What is geolocation function?

Geolocation function it’s a the ability to determine the geolocation of the store visitor and offer them the appropriate market or automatically redirect to the necessary market.

If you have different languages on different markets, Google does not recommend using automatic redirect because of indexing deterioration of multilingual content. Therefore, we recommend disabling all auto redirects and using markets recommendations.

✔️ How to check geolocation function?

If you are located in a country that is a Primary market, most likely you will not see offers to switch to another region / currency. You need a VPN to test another region.

Turn on VPN.

To check Market recommendations you should change your geolocation with the help of VPN. It allows you to establish a protected network connection through another country, which may be managed by another market.

Note: if you are using a VPN as browser extension (for example, ZenMate), then please note that most often browser extensions do not enabled in incognito mode by default. So when you enter the incognito mode, check if VPN is enabled. If you are using not browser VPN, it should work in any mode.

Make sure your country using VPN is in a different market and is different from the primary market. You can check your country after enabling VPN, for example, on My location. It is advisable to do this in incognito browser mode to make sure that the VPN works in incognito.

Open your browser in incognito mode and enter your store.

The Selector app saves information about visiting the site in order to not show a banner every time a client visits the site. Thus, you should create conditions for the first visit. Incognito mode is the imitation of the first visit to the site that we need.

How to open incognito window in Chrome
How to open incognito window in Safari

If you meet the above conditions, you will see that Market recommendation works well and the recommendation banner appears when you enter the store.

If the recommendation banner still does not appear and you are redirected to another market automatically instead, check the following options:

Enter Settings of your store > go to Markets > in the Other markets section click on the Preferences > disable the Domain/subfolder redirection option.
Enter the Selector app > find the Markets redirect option > disable redirect.

After disabling redirects, you need to close all incognito windows and open them again to repeat the test.

If you still have questions, please contact our support team:

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Updated on: 20/04/2023

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