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Welcome to Selector - Geolocation & Markets

Welcome in Selector - Geolocation & Markets

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Main Selector benefits
How Selector can help you?

If your store is already use Shopify markets the application will help you design switchers or a banner so that people can easily switch to their native language and the currency of the country in which they live.

✔️ Main Selector benefits

✅ Unlimited languages, currencies, countries and markets switchers and its combination
✅ Templates, theme and color schemes so selectors can match store design
✅ Recommendation banner to use geolocation detection and personalized language
✅ Markets redirect

✔️ How Selector can help you?

With the Selector application, you can significantly simplify the use of your store for customers, as well as make it easier for yourself. The Selector will help your store become easy to use for your potential customers from different parts of the world with convenient switchers.

Allow your customers to use a language selector to see your store in the most readable language, choose the native currency for international orders with a currency switcher, or even move to another international market with a market selector or country switcher. Enable recommendation banner to use geolocation detection and personalized language and currency suggestions for your customers. Make your online store easy to understand and use and attract clients from all over the world.

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Updated on: 17/03/2023

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