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Guidelines and Limitations

React Flow Limitations

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React Flow App
What is the "workflow"?
What is the “number of runs”?
What will happen if you reach the limit of available number of runs?
Timing of workflows
Delay actions
What are the different subscription plans for?
Tips for shop owners

✔️ React Flow?

React Flow App - workflow builder that helps you to automate routine tasks and save your time for more important things.
Application has different subscription plans for your convenience. In this article, we will show you exactly when you need to buy a subscription and which one.
But first, let us remind you what workflows and number of runs are.

✔️ What is the "workflow"?

A workflow is a chain of triggers, actions, and conditions, that help you set up automated processes for your Shopify store. For example, you can set up automatic e-mails for new customers with profitable offers. Or set up a process that will remind you to replenish product balances. React Flow provides many opportunities to simplify work and save your time. You will find detailed information in our guides.

In the free version of the application, you can use 5 workflows. But you should also know that number of runs are limited.

✔️ What is the “number of runs”??

This is the number of times each individual workflow is run. For example, if you set up a business process that will automatically send new registered customers of your store letters with offers, discounts or coupons that may be useful to your customer. The process will start with each new buyer - this counts as one run.

✔️ What will happen if you reach the limit of available number of runs?

If you reach the limit, your workflow will continue working. But each subsequent launch over the limit will cost the additional usage fee according to your subscription plan. Note that usage fee will be charged even during the trial period.

✔️ Timing of workflows

The workflow is considered running and starts working immediately after activation. You don't need to activate the workflow right away. You can set it up and activate at any convenient time and deactivate it as well.

✔️ Delay actions

One of the main advantages of the React Flow application is the opportunity to delay actions.

For example, you want to send your customers an email when they delete an order. But you want to send it not immediately but in a 3 hours.
You need to select a trigger Order deleted and click Add delay. Select the type and value (3 hours). Now you should select an action Send email and fill the fields with the appropriate text. You can be sure that your letter will be sent to your customer 3 hours after the order is deleted.

✔️ What are the different subscription plans for?

Some owners make a few workflows and can run them 1-2 times a month, and someone can fully automate the workflows in their store and use them daily. There are other plans with more features for this.

Free plan: If you have a small store and need a limited number of features, you can try Free plan. It provides max 2 workflow, max 100 runs per month. There are no charges for a Free subscription, but your workflows will stop executing after reaching the monthly limit of 100 runs.

React Flow also provides the following plans:

Pay as you go

All of the above plans provide a certain amount of available workflows and runs. If you exceed this amount, you'll be charged per each extra run over the monthly limit.

All the above plans provide a free trial period. The trial period allows you to try paid subscriptions with extended limits. Usage charges may apply even during the trial period if the automation monthly runs limit will be excited.

Enterprise plan: this plan assumes personal terms and contracts that suits your company.

You can choose any plan according to your needs. They differ in the number of workflows, runs and surcharge for exceeding the limit. You can view detailed information inside the React Flow app in the Plans section. The app has no additional payments. Only if you exceed the workflow limit you will be charged extra according to your subscription plan. Payment is charged every 30 days.

✔️ Tips for shop owners?

Recommendations for creating a flow: what can be done in one flow - better done in one flow. For example, you can make 5 flows, each of which checks order created - condition for product tag - make action.
And it is possible to make 1 flow and 5 conditions. Accordingly, for each created order, there will be only 1 run, not 5.

✅ So, if you need to create a lot of workflows and spend a lot of runs to automate your store, and the free version of the app already is not enough. You have the option to change your subscription. Choose one of the plans and free up more time for other tasks while the React Flow works for you.

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Updated on: 19/04/2024

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