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Google email hosting provider

Google email hosting provider

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What is SMPT mail hosting?
How to set up a Google provider?
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✔️ What is SMPT mail hosting?

With SMPT mail hosting you can connect external email hosting provider and use your personal authorized business email as the sender in all "Send email" actions. More detailed information you can find in this article

✔️ How to set up a Google provider?

If you are currently configuring SMPT mail hosting and Google was chosen as your provider, but you don't know where to get the data for setting - in this article we will help you deal with it.

The lines Host, Port and Security are already filled for you. You need to enter data for Username, Password and Email.

Step 1. Go to your Google mail. Click on your account photo in the upper right corner and choose Manage your Google Account

Step 2. Here in the field on the left click on Security

Step 3. On this page you will see Signing in to Google field and 2-step Verification . If it's off you should be verified

Step 4. After verification A button App password will appear - click on it.

Step 5. Here select custom app - React Flow

Step 6. Your password will be generated in a pop-up window. Copy it

Step 7. And paste it in the Password field in the React Flow app. Also add Username and Email - this is your Google account

Step 8 Try it with the Test button in the upper right corner еo make sure everything is working

✔️ The result

Now you can set up workflows that include sending emails, that will display your store's mail in the "from" field.

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Updated on: 14/11/2022

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