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✔️ What are Connectors?

This article will tell you what Connectors are, why they are needed, and how to work with them in the React Flow application.
You can find the Сonnectors tab in the left column by entering the application. This function allows you to connect external email hosting provider and use your personal authorized business email as the sender ai all "Send email actions".

✔️ How does it work?

For example, you want to send a buyer a payment reminder letter. Here you can see that, when a buyer receives email from your store, the email address is set automatically. And it does not match the name of your store.

For some users, this may be a reason not to open the email to avoid spam or viruses.
Good news that the application allows you to enter your own email address.

✔️How to configure Connectors?

When you go to the Connectors tab, you will see the SMPT connector. Now it's disconnected. React Flow offers users to configure his mail hosting.

Step 1. Click on SMTP mail hosting. A new page will open. Here you need to fill in a few lines to set up your personal hosting. We will show an example of Goggle.

Step 2. Give a name for your hosting. You can write a few words in the description (it is not necessary).

Step 3. Select a provider from the drop-down list below. In our case its Google.

Step 4 Than enter your username, password and email. We have prepared an article in which you can find information on where to get this data.

✅ If you did not find the desired provider, you can set up a custom one. To configure it, contact your provider's support and specify the required data. You can also contact our support, we will answer you as soon as possible.

Step 5. In the upper right corner, you can find the Test button - it is designed to check the correct information. Please use it to ensure that you have entered the correct information.

✔️ The result

Let's go back to our example, when a buyer has created an order, but has not paid for it and you want to send him a payment reminder letter.

Step 1. Such a workflow is already in the Templates. So you can quickly set it up. Click on Templates .

Step 2. Find and click Sending a reminder of unpaid orders to users .

Step 3. Here you can customize the template. For example, the letter is scheduled to be sent in 2 days, you can change this number.

Step 4. Now we need to change the provider to the one you've just created. Сlick on Send email .

Step 5. In the field Connection click Change and choose your provider.

Step 6. Save your workflow in the upper right corner.

Step 7. And don't forget to Turn on workflow

Now the client receives a letter with the address of your store.

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