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React Flow Templates

React Flow Templates

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What are the React Flow Templates?
How to use templates?
The most popular templates

✔️ What are the React Flow Templates?

React Flow allows you to quickly create the workflows from the templates. You can find them on the Templates tab from the main dashboard.

Templates - are ready-to-use workflows, aimed at different Shopify tasks, that you can launch at once. You can find the necessary workflow in the templates list and edit it to fit your needs.

✔️ How to use templates?

Go to the Templates tab
Select the necessary workflow from the list
You can click the "eye" icon next to the template to see how it looks like
Then, click on the template to enable it

✔️ The most popular templates

High-risk order alert

Use this ready-to-use workflow to detect the fraud-risk orders.

When an order is paid, it will be automatically verified after 10 minutes, and then, you will receive an email notification.

It starts with the Order paid trigger
The next is a delay of 10 minutes
After that, we verify its risk level
And send an email if the condition is met

Tags for foreign currencies

When there are orders which payment currency is foreign for your region, use the next workflow:

It starts with the Order created trigger
Next, it verifies the payment currency of the customer for this order → if it is not equal to USD
It automatically adds tags to the orders

Delayed reminder of unfulfilled orders

There is a situation when, after the order has been paid, it still remains unfulfilled for a long time. This workflows helps you automatically get notified about such order.

Product quantity alert

This workflow will send a restocking notification to your store email when there is small product quantity left.

Start when the Inventory quantity has changed
Then, verify if product variant is less than or equal to "0"
When the condition is met, send an email to the store's owner with a notification.

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Updated on: 16/11/2022

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