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React Flow Triggers & Actions

React Flow Triggers and Actions

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React Flow Triggers and Actions
How it works?
Order triggers
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If you can't find the trigger or action you want?

In this article, we will tell you about what Triggers and Actions are and how to use them.
Basically this is the main functionality of the React Flow application, which allows you to build various flows to automate processes in your online-store,

A workflow consists of main components which you need to set up to give it the exact parameters by which it will run. You can create automated tasks of varying complexity. Multiple Triggers, Conditions, and Actions are available for you.

✔️ React Flow Triggers and Actions

Triggers automatically start run your workflows and can be used in different scenarios, for example, run the flow when a new order is created or successfully paid, a new customer is registered, a product is added to your store, run on a certain day of week and time, etc.

Actions - send well-designed messages to email, tag a customer or an order, work with metafields, publish and unpublish products, automate fulfillment, cancel the order, make a delay between execution, and much more.

✔️ How it works?

When you set up a trigger you choose an event that has occurred in your store and the app automatically identifies which actions should follow next and what changes will be performed. First you need to choose a trigger as soon as you’ve selected it you’ll be able to manage other components as actions. Click Сreate new to start

✔️ Order triggers

The application has Triggers that are associated with each component of your store.
In the right column, you can find a Trigger that will help optimise your Shopify store: order created, order deleted, order cancelled, inventory quantity changed, etc.
With those Triggers you can react to certain events related to goods.

If you choose a Trigger Order Created - the workflow starts, when the new order is created. Now you can choose Actions, Conditions or Delays for this flow. You can view all Trigger options in the column on the right.

Let's imagine that you want to capture payment for the order that triggered this workflow - for this you need Add action Captured payment.

Or, after the order is created, you can send an order report email with a delay to the customer. Choose Order created, add a Delay 5 minutes

and Add action Send order report, add variables to the Subject field and write some information for the buyer.

✔️ Customer triggers

Let's look at other groups of Triggers, such as related to сustomers.
On the right, you can enter the word: "сustomer" and see the Triggers associated with customers.

If you choose one of the Triggers such as Customer created then you can configure certain actions related to this flow: add a tag and add action.

For instance, we can add a tag New customer

and Add Action Send new products notification for customers with this tag. Don't forget to adjust the field on the right so that the letter works best.

✔️ Product triggers

Another popular group of triggers is Product : Product added to store, Product deleted, Inventory item created (this trigger starts a workflow when a new item was created in your store. The inventory item contains the information about the product’s availability in the stock (if it can shipped), and about its tracking. Also inventory item deleted, Inventory quantity change (this workflow starts if the inventory quantity changes when there is an order created or canceled in your store)

✔️ Actions

Once you've decided on a trigger, you can set up any action. There are different actions that change depending on the selected trigger. They can relate to customers, products, collections, orders, payments, etc - these Shopify actions. Or you want to contact your buyer to inform about discounts, new collections or clarify the details of the order - there are External actions. Also you can find Connectors more about it you can find in this article.

For instance, for the trigger Order is created you can choose Send order invoice action

Or you can Add product variant to order and customise this proposition for your client.

Choose any actions that will help manage processes in your store and communicate with customers

✔️ If you can't find the Trigger or Action you want?

These are far from all Triggers and Actions - the functionality of the application is extensive. New Triggers and Actions are added all the time.

If you cannot find the right Trigger or Action for the situation you want to implement and use in your store - you can write to support and we will try to help you. We are happy to improve our functionality and add new opportunities to optimize your store.

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Updated on: 16/11/2022

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