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Hide out of stock products or Back in stock available products
Product quantity alert
Cancel high risk order
Tag the order by purchased products
Sending a reminder of unpaid orders to users
New products notification
Thank you message
Low stock items report
Supplier notification
Marketing tags

In this article you will find the most popular workflows. You can use one of the scripts to automate your Shopify store with React Flow App. The functionality of the application is huge and you can adjust the flow for almost any situation. A workflow can be related to a product, order, customer, etc. If you can not find the right workflow for the situation you want to implement and use in your store - you can write to our support and we will try to help you. You can find some of these flows in templates, use them to customize the processes in your store.

✔️ Hide out of stock products or Back in stock available products

This flow can help store owners automatically hide or repost products based on availability. You don't need to track every item and do it manually.

For this flow choose Inventory quantity changed as a trigger.
Condition is Product / Total inventory less than or equal to 0.
Now add action Hide product - make the product that triggered this workflow unavailable on the online store.

You can set up the same flow to activate the product in the store. Change the conditions to greater than or equal to and add action Activate product .

✔️ Product quantity alert

If you'd like to receive low-stock alerts and reminders to refill, you can also set this up automatically.

To do this, select a trigger Inventory quantity change.
And select condition when The product quantity is equal to or less than zero.
Then choose Send email action.

✔️Cancel high risk order

You can also protect the store on Shopify from fraudsters with the help of the React Flow application functionality. For instance, you can automatically cancel orders from dangerous emails.

Choose Order created as a trigger.
Condition is Order / risk level is equal.
And add action Cancel order or choose any other action from the list.

In the reason field select Fraudulent order . You can also send notification explaining why the order was canceled.

✔️Tag the order by purchased products

With this workflow, you can add tags to fulfield orders to see which items are purchased more often than others. You can set up an automatic flow that will tag, for example, all products in a collection or products that contain certain words.

Select Order created trigger.
Order / Line items as a condition, set it up and then assign a tag.

✔️Sending a reminder of unpaid orders to users

A convenient flow to remind your customers about an unpaid order. Let's imagine that the buyer created an order, but for some reason did not have time or forgot to pay. You can send him or her a reminder letter.

Choose Order created as a trigger.
Condition is Order / unpaid is true.
And add action Send email.

Let us remind that here you have two options to send a letter. One of them is Send an email to an email address via SMPT connector. In this article we told you about it in detail.

✔️ New products notification

Another popular flow used by Shopify shop owners is New products notification. If a new product or collection has appeared in the store, you can notify clients about it.
Select trigger Order created. If you want, you can set the delay or add conditions, and then add action Send new product notification. Don't forget to write subject of the letter and message for your customers.

✔️ Thank you message

It is important for every customer that the store keeps in touch with him. To show that each customer is important to you, you can send thank-you letters after each fulfield and paid order or to welcome new customers, for instance.

Select Order created trigger.
Order / Customer / Accepts marketing true condition.
And Send email action.

✔️ Low stock items report

With the help of the application, you can receive a daily Low stock items report to the store owner's email. These daily reports will help to control the amount of goods in the store and avoid the situation when the goods are not available.

Trigger is Time of day.
Action is Send low inventory products report and set the exact time the report will be sent.

✔️ Supplier notification

Cooperating with some vendors, you are obliged to send them reports with the number of products sold. After setting up the workflow once, these reports will be sent automatically without your involvement.

Choose Order line item created as a trigger.
Than Line item / Vendor = Vendor for mailing.
And Send email action.

✔️Marketing tags

And last but not least Marketing tags workflow. You can use this flow to single out customers, who have given permission to receive emails from the store with news, offers, promotions, etc. With the help of this workflow, you can build a marketing strategy based on email newsletters and increase your profits.

Use Customer created trigger.
Customer / Accepts marketing true condition.
And give Tag for these group of clients.

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Updated on: 16/11/2022

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