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What is workflow?


To say briefly, workfflow it's the series of activities, that are necessary to comlete the task. Workflow automation involves the use of tools that will allow you to perform tasks automatically.

In the context of our application, we are talking about the following:

Workflow - it is a chain of trigger, condition, and action that allows you to automate processes.

For example, you can add the tag NEW when a new product is created in the store. You can also hide out-of-stock products or back-in-stock available products, send automated Thank you messages to customers, send customers a reminder of unpaid orders, cancel high-risk orders, etc. If you want to learn more about workflow examples, you can visit our Help Center and check the article about the most popular flows.

Most Popular Flows.

All these workflows you can create with the help of React Flow. The app provides a vast number of triggers, conditions, and actions. It allows our customers to make various combinations of them and create the necessary workflow.

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Updated on: 21/04/2023

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