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Activity page - Your all-in-one statistic

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What is Activity page?

It's much more practical to monitor all your workflows and actions in one place. That's why we've created the Activity page. Now, you can see all your launched workflows, their final actions that are successfully executed and those that are failed. It's a practical and easy-to-monitor statistic. Let's take a look at how it works.

How does it work?

To access to the statistic, go to the Activity tab. There are three sections - "Workflows run", "Actions executed", and "Actions failed".

Workflows run

This is the section where you can see the number of the active workflows that are started in the specified time period.

Actions executed

It shows the number of actions triggered during the selected period.

Actions failed

This section shows the number of failed actions that were not executed for some reasons.

Choose a necessary time interval

For each of these sections there is a date selector at the top right. To see the statistic for a particular time period, click on this button and select the necessary interval.

You can set the necessary date range and the date will be selected automatically.

Or, you can set the specific (custom) dates (Starting and Ending ) manually.

On the dashboard below, all the events are distributed on "All" / "Completed" / "Failed" categories as well.

If you need to find a particular event (the final action of the workflow) just type it in the search line.

Along with it, you can search the events by their status (Pending, Processing, Completed, Failed, Skipped) or see the events that are executed in the particular workflow - just check the box next to the necessary workflow.

Keep up with all the changes

The Activity page is a great and extremely useful tool for every store owner that allows you to know every single change and keep up with all the events executing in your online store.

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Updated on: 08/12/2023

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