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Single Activity page

Single Activity page

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✔️ What is the single activity page?

Once certain workflows are created, you will be able to see how each process works individually.

Click on any workflow, for example, Customers filtered by tags.

After this, you'll see new page. It's Single Activity page. Here, you can find detailed information about the created workflow and how it functions.

✔️ How can a single activity page be useful?

If you have questions about workflow settings, or if you want to clarify why certain actions have occurred - this information is available here.

Let's follow an example.

In this workflow, there were three conditions, after which customers were assigned a tag. Here we can understand which condition worked.
If you see squares that are highlighted in green, this indicates that this condition has been met. In our case, we can understand that the buyer made a purchase of more than 750, so he was assigned the tag "Gold".

Respectively, the gray squares indicate that these conditions were not met in the workflow.

On the bottom of the page, all the same information is available in text. The order status is marked as "fulfilled" and condition of more than 750 is met.

The buyer was assigned a "Gold" tag.

If you found an error in the workflow on a Single Activity page. It can be fixed on the "Workflow" tab.

✔️ Final result

To sum it up, on the Single activity page, store owner can check workflow results as well as find out all the necessary details.

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Updated on: 16/11/2022

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