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Getting started in ReSell

Quick start in ReSell

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How to work with funnels?
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Install ReSell — Post Purchase Upsell to Boost Your Store!

✔️ Get started with ReSell App

To start funnels working and increasing profits in your Shopify store, you need to select the ReSell application in checkout settings.
From your Shopify admin, click Settings.
Click Checkout.
In the Post-purchase page section, select the ReSell app.

You can find more detailed information at this link Shopify

✔️ How to work with funnels?

Let's consider the settings and possible uses of funnels that will help with post-purchase upsell offer, which can increase the profit of your store.

Let's take a closer look at the function and consider such a situation. A customer makes a purchase in your store. You want to please your client and offer him related goods as post-purchase upsell offer and a special offer on the Thank you page.

Step 1. Create a new funnel

Go to the Dashboard or Funnels tab and click on the Create funnel button. You can name your funnel - to make it easier to find and modify your flows in the future.

Here you should select a trigger that will launch the funnel. You can choose a type of trigger from the three available. :

Product - the funnel will be triggered if a customer selects a specific product from your store.
Collection - the funnel will start if the buyer chooses any product from the created collection.
Any Product in the store - the funnel will work on any product.

Let's choose Ordered a certain product: if the customer’s order contains the selected product, an additional offer will be shown. Tap on the Ordered a certain product button and select the product from the list. You can also select condition (it's optional).

Step 2. Checkout (for Shopify Plus plan)

This option is available for Shopify Plus plan. If you use Basic or another Shopify plan, this step will be hidden for you. On this step you can select products that will be offered customers during the checkout process before payment.

Step 3. Select additional products

On the next page, you should select additional products for offer. As you can see that there are 3 available products.

The sequence is the following: you show the Upsell offer #1. If the customer accepts it, you show the second additional product - Upsell offer #2. If the customer declines the Upsell offer #1, you show Downsell offer. Thus, you can show 2 additional products to customers.

As well you can edit the page and add various widgets, such as a timer, image with text, etc.

Step 4. Thank you page upsell offer

The ReSell application also allows you to configure thank you page upsell offer - display sales offers, provide coupons, and special propositions and stimulate customers to make another purchase.

Step 5. POS

If you have the POS app, this step will nbe available for you. It allows you to add additional products during the checkout process at the POS-terminal.

Step 6. Click the Publish button if you want the funnel to start working right now or just Save to rework or publish it later

✔️ Funnel performance results

If you want to check results of the created funnels, then pay attention to the Analytics tab. Frequently reviewing analytics and acting on it can increase your income.
You can view general analytics for all created funnels or select a specific funnel.

By setting up funnels in ReSell App, you will help buyers to purchase useful related products, increase your sales and therefore income of your store.

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Updated on: 17/07/2023

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