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Frequently Asked Questions


Before you start using the ReSell application, we recommend you to get acquainted with frequently asked questions.

What is a post-purchase offer?
If customers agree to buy a promoted product, do they need to re-enter their payment info?
How many offers can I show to my customer?
What is the offer sequence? How additional products will be shown to customers?
How many funnels can I create with ReSell?
How does the auto recommendation work?
Can I customize my offers?
Is there a limit on customer orders?
Can I show additional offer based on the customers' location?
Are there any additional payments in ReSell?
How to connect PayPal to Shopify?
Can I track conversion and revenue from post purchase offer in Facebook Pixel & Google Analytics?
Can I get a demo of the app?
Why is my upsell offer not displayed?
Which payment method is supported by ReSell?
How does the post-purchase upsell offer affect my fulfillment?
If I have questions or problems using the ReSell app, can I get help?

We hope this FAQ will answer your questions. However, if you need more info about the app, feel free to contact our support team: .

Updated on: 09/06/2023

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