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What is upsell and cross-sell
Post-purchase & checkout upsells
The right choice of product bundles
Help customers to find product they want
Promote trending products
Keep inventory moving
Always use downsell
Offer personalization
Take full advantage
Activity tracking
A few tips for upsell & cross-sell

Upsell strategies are an effective marketing tool that improves customers experience and allow you to increase AOV. In this article we are going to show you how ReSell can help you to grow profits and build customer trust and loyalty.

✔️ What is upsell and cross-sell

Upsell - a strategy that offers a customer to purchase an additional product that was previously purchased (a customer buys a cup and you offer to buy one more cup or the same cup at discount).
Cross-sell - a strategy that offers a customer to purchase an additional product to the existing order (a customer buys a cup and you offer to buy a spoon or saucer).

With the help of ReSell you can build both upsell & cross-sell funnels and get maximum benefits.

✔️ Post-purchase & checkout upsells

ReSell provides you with two ways to add upselling:

Offer additional products on the checkout page
Offer additional products on the Thank you page after the purchase

Both of them are effective marketing tools. We recommend you to try both to check which one works best for your store.

But how exactly can ReSell help achieve these goals? We will talk about this further.

✔️ The right choice of product bundles

There are two offer types in ReSell: Auto and Manual.

When you select an automatic option, you run an offer with automatically suggested product based on Shopify product recommendations. It is very convenient and requires only a couple of mouse clicks. However, there is a risk that additional products may not be suitable for the main one. For example, you are selling a bicycle, and in the upselling offer the buyer is recommended to buy additional laces.

Manual option assumes that you manually set up upsell funnels. You will be prompted to select a trigger product, and additional products that you want to place on upsell and/or cross-sell offer. It allows you to set up more precise recommendations. Because using the application, you can manually set up the funnels and choose the most suitable products for the post-purchase offer.

For example, when a customer buys a particular product, we offer to buy another product. It makes sense to sell laces for sneakers but not an iPhone for laces. If you want to slightly diversify the choice for the buyer, you can offer the collection from which the buyer will choose any product. For instance, a customer buys an iPhone 14 and you offer them a collection with phone cases that suit this model of the phone.

So, in the manual setting, you choose what to sell with what and offer related products.

Note, that all subsequent paragraphs will relate mainly to the manual offer type.

✔️ Help customers to find product they want

This item applies mainly to medium and large stores. Since they are filled with a large number of products, the buyer may not notice something and the post-purchase offers can help them.

Funnel examples:
A customer buys a t-shirt and you offer the similar t-shirt but with a trending print or in another color. And perhaps the buyer will buy one more t-shirt simply because it suits their needs.
Your customer buys a dress and on the post-purchase offer they sees some accessories that would go well with this product. In this way you will make it easier for the buyer to find the necessary products.

✔️ Promote trending products

As we said before, post-purchase offers can help to increase AOV. Furthermore, it can enhance a trending product and boost its sales without spending on advertising.
You can ask - But how is this possible? Let’s consider.

Funnel examples:
A customer want to buy a trendy basic dress and your upsell offer displays a jacket that suits this dress or the same basic dress in another color.
When a customer buys a trending smart phone you can offer them a phone case with a discount. On the one hand, this will be a nice bonus for the buyer, which will increase the buyer's loyalty to your store and inspire him to visit your site in the future. On the other hand, you increased the total cost of the order and got the customer interested in buying from you again. So, thanks to the ReSell application you will not need to spend money on additional advertising. It will be enough to create a cross-sell funnel with a trending product.

✔️ Keep inventory moving

This point goes hand in hand with the previous one. Every merchant is faced with the problem that some products are sold well, and some are gathering dust in the warehouse for a long time. Therefore, bundling not popular products with trending products is a good way to promote and sell both.

Funnel examples:
A customer buys a t-shirt and you offer to buy a two-pack bundle at a discount. He will pay more than he planned, but he will receive two t-shirts instead of one at a discount.
A customer decided to buy socks and you can offer them to buy another pair of socks with a discount.

In this way you will be able to introduce more products into circulation and sell those that are not in high demand.

✔️ Always use downsell

Downsell - a post-purchase offer that you make to the potential customer after they have declined your initial upsell offer. As a rule, downsell offer provides a product with a discount greater than in the previous offer or proposes an alternative product.

Funnel examples:
Downsell offer: a customer buys a cup, in the upsell offer you propose another cup with 10% discount. The customer declines this upsell offer and you display them a donsell offer where propose to buy a cup with 20% discount.
Offer alternative product: a customer buys a cup, in the upsell offer you propose another cup with 10% discount. The customer declines this upsell offer and in the downsell offer you display them a spoon or a saucer.

✔️ Offer personalization

ReSell provides various options for creating not just funnels, but personalized funnels where you can offer specific products for a specific audience. In the first step of creating a funnel, you choose a trigger product that will launch the funnel. In the second step, you select the condition that will allow you to create a personalized post-purchase offer. And the third step - selecton of products for upsell, cross-sell, and downsell offers.

Funnel examples:
By country: if a customer order to France, in the upsell offer you propose them to buy one more t-shirt with a picture of the Eiffel Tower. You can do this for every country. Another example - a customer orders a t-shirt to Japan, you can offer them another t-shirt or a related product with image of sakura or Mount Fuji. And respectively when a customer orders a t-shirt to the USA, in the upsell offer you propose them to buy one more t-shirt with a picture of the Statue of liberty.
Based on product data: if an order contains a specific product, offer another specific product. A customer orders a summer dress, in the upsell & cross-sell offers we will display only summer collection.

Example of conditions

✔️ Take full advantage

In the previous paragraphs we talked mainly about manual setup, where you choose triggers, conditions and specific products for upsell, cross-sell, and downsell offers. And now let's get back to the automatic sales funnel.

Let's imagine a situation where you've created the following funnel: if a customer orders a white t-shirt to France, offer them another t-shirt with a picture of the Eiffel Tower. But if a customer orders the same white t-shirt to Italy, your offer will not be shown to them. So, you cannot predict from which countries or regions of your country people will order products from your store. Of course, you can set up such funnels for each country, but this will take a lot of time and most likely will not justify the effort. In this case, it is very convenient to have a funnel with an automatic offer shown regardless of the purchased products. So, if the buyer orders ANY product from the store, they will see a post-purchase offer anyway.

Note, that you can manage the priority of funnels (inside the app you can find manage priority option). If you set a high priority for a manual offer, it will be shown first. If the automatic offer has the highest priority - in this situation we will check if the order is suitable for displaying the automatic offer according to the conditions, but it will always fit because ANY PRODUCT is indicated there. So, accordingly, a manual offer will never appear.

✔️ Activity tracking

Another important thing is analysis. Based on analytics data, we can draw conclusions about the effectiveness of each individual fannel. The ReSell app provides a detailed analytics of each created funnel. It’s very easy to find: on the app dashboard and click on Analytics.

For example, you created a funnel with upselling laces for sneakers. After a while you notice that no one buys laces. It means something is wrong in this funnel. Ask yourself the following questions:

May be you should change laces?
Is the price of laces too high?
Does the color of the laces fit the sneakers?

We can only guess what the buyer did not like in the post-purchase offer. However, by analyzing the data provided by the app, you can identify weak fannels, change your sales strategy and create funnels with new upsell & cross-sell offers.

✔️ A few tips for upsell & cross-sell

Offer discounts comfortable for you - in this case, it is important to keep a balance - to profit from the sale and at the same time please the customer.
Consider specific products in order - if the buyer buys pants, it is unlikely that he will need the similar one. In this case, you can offer pants of a different color or style, or use complementary products such as t-shirts, sweaters, etc.
Prevent overwhelm - respect the time of your customers. No need to spam a lot of post-purchase offers. It's annoying and can scare away customers.

As you can see, there is no unequivocal advice on how to build upsell offers. It depends on what exactly you are selling, what interests your audience has, and what the purpose of the funnel is. However, the ReSell app allows you to create a huge number of offers combinations and achieve your goals.

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Updated on: 21/11/2023

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