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How does the auto recommendation work?

✔️ What is automatic offer?

Automatic offer - products that will be offered automatically to a customer after the purchase.

Automatic offer

So, the question is: If a customer bought a bike, will the app automatically offer to buy a bike helmet on the post-purchase upsell offer?

The answer is: Most likely yes but it depends on various factors.

Shopify has its own built-in functionality for determining recommendations and ReSell uses this functionality for Auto offer.

Shopify recommendations are based on various factors.

Related recommendations - the platform offers a mix of products that are similar or complementary to a product the customer is interacting with. These recommendations are generated automatically by Shopify.
Complementary recommendations - Shopify offers products that are complementary to a product the customer is interacting with. These recommendations need to be manually set up.

Related and complimentary recommendations can be set up for free in the Shopify Search & Discovery application.

Customizing product recommendations in Search & Discovery app

The products that the buyer will see at the upsell stage also depend on the recommendation algorithm criteria. The criteria depends on merchant's online store and recommendation intent.

Recommendation logic is based on: purchase history, product description, and related collections.

Purchase history - Finds products that have historically been purchased together.
Product description - Finds products with similar descriptions.
Related collections - Finds products from collections that the current product is part of, excluding collections with handles all and frontpage.

Important! We are not responsible for recommended products. Since the selection of recommended products is based on Shopify's internal algorithms and Shopify Search & Discovery app settings, we cannot control which products will be recommended to customers.

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Updated on: 21/11/2023

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