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Welcome to ReSell

Welcome to ReSell

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If you want to increase the profitability of your store on Shopify, and if you've tried changing the marketing strategy but still did not see the desired results - “ReSell application” is what you need! If used correctly, it can as much as double your sales.

In this article, we will show you all of the benefits and features that ReSell app can provide. Are you ready to double your Shopify profits?

Install ReSell — Post Purchase Upsell to Boost Your Store!

✔️ Benefits of ReSell App:

Allows you to build automatic sales & marketing campaigns
Offers your customers additional products after they initiate checkout
Generates new income by increasing the average order value
Enables sales of goods by the means of customizable conditions
Triggers the purchase by offering additional discounts and coupons
Tracks the effectiveness of your offers to further optimise funnels
Automates your post-purchase offers

✔️ How can ReSell App help you?

After a customer makes a purchase in the Shopify store, a standard "thank you page" with order confirmation is triggered. And this is exactly the moment when most entrepreneurs are likely to lose money.

This is a great spot to offer your client a related product that might interest him or her and increase your check.

This is what the ReSell application was created for - to automatically configure post-purchase upsell offers.
So that you could set up automatic funnels for each individual product or product category, which will in return automatically offer additional products to the buyer, thus increasing your profits.

✔️ How does ReSell App work?

Let's look at the features that you can use to customize processes in the “ReSellApp”.

In the “Dashboard”, you will find useful information that will help you understand the whereabouts of the application.

Next is the “Funnels” tab, where you can create automated flows and customized post-purchase upsell offers.
You can select different triggers that will activate the product offer. There are 4 categories: products, orders, customers, and shipping. You can use several triggers combined.

This will help you customize your funnels. Create a flow that will help you sell more.

The application allows you to set up several consequent post-sales. For example, if the buyer refuses the initial offer, the app will advise on the next product. This will increase the probability of a successful post-purchase upsell offer even further.

The “Analytics” tab is usually the most enjoyable for store owners. You can use this tab to analyze the effectiveness of post-purchase upsell offers: declined orders, total views, revenue, conversions, average order value and others.

✔️ The result

With the “ReSell App” and a well-thought marketing strategy, you will be able to set up automatic funnels and increase sales in your store.
In the next article, we will talk in detail about funnel use cases and configuration.

Updated on: 12/07/2023

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