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Tracking your funnels activity

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General Analytics

The ReSell application provides an advanced anallytics of all funnels and revenue they bring. To check the analytics data, click Analytics in the admin panel.

✔️ General Analytics

In the first part, you will see graphs that display statistics for all funnels. Here you will find the following data:

Data picker - select time period you want to check. The default period is 30 days but you can choose any time period (today, yesterday, last 7 days/month/year, etc.)
Total revenue with ReSell - funnel revenue for the specified time. The cost of the original order is excluded.
Total conversion - percentage of the total number of funnels that ended with a successful upsell.
Total decline rate - number of offers declined by customers.
Total views - the number of times when the funnel was shown to customers.
Average order value - the amount of revenue from all customers orders divided by their number for the specified period.

✔️ Funnels

In the Funnels section, you can see the results of each funnel separately. To check the funnel data, click on the funnel you are interested in.

You will see the information about the funnel and its stats.

For your convenience, we have left tooltips in the admin panel. Just hover your mouse over the block title and a tooltip will appear.

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