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How to connect PayPal to Shopify?

Connect PayPal to Shopify

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What is PayPal Express Checkout
Advantages of using PayPal Express Checkout
Set up PayPal on your Shopify store
Generate additional revenue with PayPal Express Checkout

Positive user experience it’s an important factor that largely determines the success of your online store. It can lead to more customers and sales while negative experiences turn customers away.

Checkout is one of the key moments in the customer's experience. Therefore, your task is to create the most fast, user-friendly, and convenient conditions for the purchase. The PayPal Express Checkout feature plays a key role in this process.

✔️ What is PayPal Express Checkout

PayPal - one of the largest electronic payment systems that allows you to make purchases, money transfers on the Internet. It is trusted and used by over 400 millions active users. Using PayPal your customers can faster and easier buy goods and services in your online store.

PayPal Express Checkout allows your customers to pay without having to enter their billing and shipping information.

✔️ Advantages of using PayPal Express Checkout

Secure checkout process. Using the PayPal Express system, users are redirected to a secure PayPal page where they fill in their payment details. They then return to your website to complete the checkout process. Only after that, PayPal processes the transaction.
Easy to use. PayPal is one of Shopify’s default payment systems. Therefore, it will be easy to set it up for your store.
Versatility. The payment service is available in 190 countries and supports 25 currencies. Customers can use it on mobile, tablet or desktop.

✔️ Set up PayPal on your Shopify store

Before you start creating your PayPal account and setting up PayPal on your store, please note that you should create PayPal Business acсount.

Create PayPal Business account

Go to PayPal and click on Sign up > choose Business Account and enter the required information.

Add your email address and create a password.

Choose the type of business and provide a required data.

Link your bank account to your PayPal account and verify the created account.

Activate PayPal in Shopify

Open your Shopify account and go to Settings. Click on Payments and find the Payment Providers section. Here you can set up PayPal on your Shopify store.

✔️ Generate additional revenue with PayPal Express Checkout

Shopify provides different opportunities to generate additional revenue for your store. One of them is to increase AOV with post-purchase upsells and ReSell is a perfect tool for that.

The app allows to create various funnels and display them on checkout page, post-purchase offers, and on the Thank you page. Thus, you can recommend your customers relevant goods based on their initial order and purchase history.

Post-purchase offers needs to be charged automatically. For this you need to activate PayPal Express and enable automatic billing on your store. Otherwise, offers will not be displayed to customers.

To activate PayPal Express, you should be approved by PayPal for Reference Transactions (the PayPal feature that allows you to charge customers automatically).

If you're not approved for Reference Transactions with PayPal, your post-purchase offers will NOT be shown to the customer.

To check if Automatic payments are enabled, go to Settings of your store and click on Payments > Automatic payments. If it’s disabled, click on the link and follow the instructions.

Activate automatic billing in your PayPal account if you want to show post-purchase offers to customers who paid for the order via PayPal.

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Updated on: 09/06/2023

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