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Microsoft 365 email hosting provider

Configure Microsoft 365 email hosting provider

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What is Microsoft 365 email hosting provider?
Enable Authenticated SMTP
Create Microsoft 365 connector in React Flow

✔️ What is Microsoft 365 email hosting provider?

Microsoft 365 - is a product family of productivity software, collaboration and cloud-based services owned by Microsoft. It allows you to use own domain in your company emails flow.
Connecting this email hosting provider allows you to use your personal email domain in React Flow automated emails.

✔️ Enable Authenticated SMTP

Before you start connecting Microsoft 365 with React Flow, you should enable Authenticated SMTP in your Microsoft account.

Go to your Microsoft 365 admin center

Open the navigation menu in the upper-left corner and click on Active users.

Choose the user you want to connect to React Flow

Click on the Email tab > Manage email apps

Manage email apps

Enable Authenticated SMTP.

Enable Authenticated SMTP

Save changes.

✔️ Create Microsoft 365 connector in React Flow

Enter React Flow > open Connectors section and click on SMTP connector.

Select SMTP connector

(optional) Enter the name and description of the connector.

In the Providers section click on Choose provider and select Custom.

Fill the appeared fields with the following info:

Port: 587
Username: enter your email
Enter your personal password that you use to log in your Microsoft 365 admin center.
Security: TLS

Enter required connection details

Click on Test in the upper-right corner.

Save connector.

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Updated on: 06/04/2023

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