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Sending emails on React Flow plans

Plans Limitations

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✔️ About limits

React Flow provides limit for sending emails for Standard, Professional, and Unlimited plans.

Namely, you can send 500 emails per day.

We treat all our clients with respect. Therefore, it is important for us to prevent any spam fraud that can be carried out using our application. That’s why we have introduced restrictions on sending emails.

We understand that there are situations when you may need more than 500 emails. In this case, you can increase the limit.

Note: sending emails using your connector remains unlimited.

✔️ How to increase the limit?

To increase the limit, you should contact our support in chat or email. Our managers will check your workflow > if everything is fine, your limit will be increased.

Important! If we suspect sending spam, we reserve the right to lower the limit of emails.

Updated on: 02/08/2023

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