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Yahoo email hosting provider

Configure Yahoo email hosting provider

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What is Yahoo email hosting provider?
How to set up Yahoo provider?
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✔️ What is Yahoo email hosting provider?

Yahoo is one of the most used email services on the planet. Using this hosting allows us to expand the number of communication channels for our clients. Yahoo is one of the email providers available in SMTP connectors.

✔️ How to set up Yahoo provider?

Enter React Flow > open Connectors section and click on SMTP connector.

Select SMTP connector

(optional) Enter the name and description of the connector.

In the Providers section click on Choose provider and select Yahoo.

Fill the appeared fields with the following info:

Port: 465
Username: enter your email
Password: you need to generate app password in your Yahoo account. Below you can find a detailed guide how to generate app password.
Email: enter your email.
Security: SSL

Enter connection details

Click on Test in the upper-right corner.

Save connector.

✔️ Generate app password

Sign in to your Yahoo Account Security page.

Click Generate app password or "Generate and manage app passwords" if you already have an app password.

Generate app password

Enter your app's name in the text field > click Generate password.

Follow the instructions below the app password.

Click Done > copy generated password > get back to React Flow and paste app password to the Password field.

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Updated on: 05/04/2023

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