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Frequently Asked Questions


Before you start using the React Flow application, we recommend you to get acquainted with frequently asked questions.

What is workflow?
How can React Flow help me to save my time?
What processes can I automate with the help of your app?
I don't have time to figure out the application. Do you have any templates?
Can I track the effectiveness of each workflow?
What means the “number of runs”?
What will happen if I reach the limit of available number of runs?
When do limits reset?
Sending emails on Professional and Unlimited plans
Are there any additional payments?
What privacy and permission do I grant for React Flow during the installation?
Can I upgrade or downgrade plan?
Is your app partner-friendly?
Can I get a demo of the app?
If I have questions or problems using the app, can I get help?

We hope this FAQ will answer your questions. However, if you need more info about the app, feel free to contact our support team: .

Updated on: 21/11/2023

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